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Dr. Latizzia Bragg-Bullock

"Discovering one's purpose is a spiritual quest that provides inner peace, joy and abundance." 

Dr. B Author/Educator/Mentor

After years of receiving  countless rejection letters after seeking promotions, I questioned why I wasn’t able to receive the desired promotion after obtaining Bachelors and Masters degrees.  As a result, I turned to the Bible for the answer to this thought- provoking question. My routine inquisitive bible study and  journaling practice resulted in me receiving a vision, One Focus, a ministry/business to help improve the lives of women and their families by offering educational trainings and supportive services.


Consequently, I left corporate and began working in an educational setting and as a result the One Focus vision began to manifest.  In 1999, I wrote “The Journey to Finding your Peaceful Journey,” (blue book 1) and conducted workshops and seminars using it as the text for the educational offerings. Book 1 revealed the blueprint for helping others to discover their purpose while navigating through life changes/adversities.  Second, I wrote, “The Journey to Spiritual Purpose, The Secrets revealed: 40 Empowering Reflections and Meditations” (orange book 2) to show others the spiritual-based plan of action for manifesting one’s purpose. Third, I wrote, “Spiritual Alignment: The 9 Secrets of True Wealth,”  (green book 3) to provide information regarding the results from practicing a purposeful life and implementing the strategies and shared in book 1 and 2.  The One Focus book series trilogy provides inspiration and information to help others confidently pursue their life’s purpose.


Today, armed with over 20 years of experience creating and facilitating innovative educational  and supportive services-face to face and e-mentoring mentorship programs--to encourage and help others realize their dreams (visions) or their lives God’s purpose,  One Focus vision continues to be a source of light in the world. 


Dr. Bullock is an author, teacher,  spiritual life skills coach, educational consultant  and mentor dedicated to helping others improve lives by maintaining one focus, on God and his purpose for their lives so they can persevere through life with true wealth-joy, inner peace and abundance- that only God can provide. She believes that having one focus is not just a brand but a lifestyle that manifests our heart desires. 


What I have learned from the difficulties I have experienced in my life is maintaining a close connection with God’s word will protect and sustain you as we navigate through   the inevitable transitions  that are inherent to this educational journey called life. Thus, maintaining one focus on God’s purpose for your life while practicing self-love and love for others will cause miracles to manifest in your life.


Be Encouraged, live a purposeful life and watch miracles appear!

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