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One Focus Book Series

One Focus Series is a collection of non-fiction books that shows readers how to discover and maintain their life's purpose, the unique gift that should be used to improve others, so they can experience an abundance of inner peace, joy, and prosperity.

This inspirational trilogy consists of the following:

  • “The Journey to Finding your Peaceful Journey,” (blue book 1)  serves as the blueprint to discovering one's purpose

  • “The Journey to Spiritual Purpose, The Secrets revealed: 40 Empowering Reflections and Meditations” (orange book 2), tracks one’s progress along their purposeful journey

  • “Spiritual Alignment: The 9 Secrets of True Wealth,”  (green book 3),  takes the skills learned from Book 1 and Book 2 so you can become wealthy spiritually, emotionally as well as monetarily.

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One Focus: The Journey to Finding Your Peaceful Purpose

Are you tired of working in a job/position where your talents, skills and abilities are not respected? 
Do you experience countless rejections as you attempt to pursue your purposeful position? 
Does your current position feel like you are in bondage. 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you!

You are not alone; millions of people share the same experience, including myself.  This program, One Focus: The Journey to Finding Your Peaceful Purpose, is an inspirational educational tool that answers the critical question millions are seeking the answer to: How do we find our life’s purpose or meaning? This book provides information that helps others navigate to the inherent trials and triumphs that are inherent to all of life’s journeys. It encourages the pursuit of one’s purpose, inner healing and harmonious relationships. The strategies and inspirational stories provided in this program will help others discover and walk confidently in their miraculous purpose.

Overcome your fears by staying focused on Spirit and your abundant life’s purpose will manifest!

Paperback $9.99 and Kindle $4.69


One Focus: The Journey to Spiritual Purpose

The Secrets Revealed 

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck in a stagnant and unfulfilling job?
Do you desire to know the secrets to receiving your purposeful position?
If so, this book is for you!

Millions of people desire to know how to find their purpose aligned career. Learn the secrets revealed along the journey to discovering your purpose.

One Focus: The Journey to Spiritual Purpose The Secrets Revealed: 40 Empowering Reflections and Meditations is an inspirational tool that provides  information that will yield clarity, guidance and understanding for fulfilling your passionate purpose.

Learn how to overcome your fears, courageously seek your purpose, and Experience an abundance of inner peace, joy, and prosperity that God wills for  your life.   

Paperback $7.99 and Kindle $4.69


One Focus: Spiritual Alignment; The 9 Secrets of True Wealth

Do you desire to live a worry-free, truly wealthy lifestyle?
Spiritual Alignment is the key!

The information and wisdom shared in One Focus: Spiritual Alignment: The 9 Secrets of True Wealth reveals how to receive wealth in all areas of your life. This inspirational, educational tool holds the key to unlock true wealth, having the freedom to pursue your unique purpose, freedom to seek one’s purpose, cultivate rich relationships and appreciate ordinary life pleasures.


The 9 secrets—love, purpose, creativity, peace, forgiveness, gratitude, perseverance, self-control and vision—are within and priceless. Implementation of these secrets will result in spiritual alignment, favor and the manifestation of true wealth.

Paperback $5.99 and Kindle $4.69

KINDLE COVER One Focus Purpose Discovery

Companion Journal: One Focus: Purpose Discovery Journal

Why am I here?
What is my purpose/earthly assignment?
What gifts do I have to share with the world?
How do I discover my life’s purpose? 

The specific answers to these questions are revealed through the practice of journaling.
The One Focus book series “Purpose Discovery Journal” is an inspirational, peace-provoking tool that provides mental clarity and direction along one’s purposeful life journey. This 90-day journal provides a solution-oriented approach to discovering and navigating through one’s purposeful existence. Journaling your unique prayers, reflections and gratitude statements will reveal your purpose, provide insight, wisdom, guidance and so much more. 
So, what are you waiting for?

Start journaling today and watch your purpose organically manifest. 

Paperback $7.99 and Kindle $3.69

Be Inspired and Live the life of your Dreams!



Are you struggling with maintaining inner peace in the midst of adversity?

Are you continuously to dwell on negative thoughts? 

This program, One Focus: Who Knew? The Journey Along the Mental Habits Highway: A Course in Positive Thinking is an inspirational, insightful, peace provoking tool that answers the critical question millions in today's times are asking. How do I find inner peace in personally, professionally, nationally and globally chaotic times? 
Who Knew? provides wisdom and enlightening and transformative information that helps others to calm and heal their minds.  In this book readers will learn how to recognize negative mental habits so they can replace them with positive thoughts as they travel down life's Mental Habits Highway.  This critical skill ill helps others confidently pursue, maintain and prosper in thier life's purpose while experiencing an abundance of God's favor, inner peace, joy and miracles from positive thinking. 


Overcome mental unease and roadblock that are hindering you from leveling up in your life's purpose. 


Start manifesting your dream today! 

Paperback $9.99 and Kindle $4.69

One Focus:  Who Knew? A Course in Positive Thinking

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