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One Focus Peaceful Wealth, Spiritual Alignment: The 9 Secrets to True Wealth reveals how to receive wealth in all areas of your life.  This inspirational and educational tool holds the key to unlock true wealth which consists of having the freedom to pursue your unique purpose, the favor of experiencing rich relationships and an appreciation the ordinary life pleasures. The 9 Secrets-love, purpose, creativity, peace, forgiveness, gratitude, perseverance, self-control, and vision are within and priceless.  Implementation of these “secrets” will result in spiritual alignment, favor and the manifestation of true wealth that we all desire.  

One Focus Peaceful Wealth, Spiritual Alignment: The 9 Secrets to True Wealth

  • In 1999, I received a vision to start One Focus, a training and consultant company, to improve the lives of women and their families by offering educational services, workshops-seminars as well as supportive services.  

    To that end I have served for over 20 years creating and facilitating innovative educational  and supportive services-face to face and e-mentoring mentorship programs--to encourage and help others realize their dreams (visions) or their lives God’s purpose.   

    I created One Focus christian T-shirts to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and to continue to encourage others to have one focus, on God and his purpose for your life so you can persevere through life with true wealth-joy, inner peace and abundance- that only God can provide. 

    It is with sincere gratitude, I would like to thank everyone who encouraged, inspired and supported the One Focus movement to help empower others and spread the word of God globally. 

    One Focus is more than a Brand, it is a Lifestyle! 


    Dr. Jones

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